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Show Notes


2019 NBA Finals

The Raptors have reached the NBA Finals for the first time and are faced with the overwhelming task of de-throning the Warriors. We preview the series and make our picks.  

Magic Johnson / Los Angeles Lakers

ESPN asked Magic Johnson to be a guest on what was supposed to be a Finals preview show with Stephen A. Smith and Michael Wilbon. Instead he spent the opening of the show denying numerous allegations leveled at him by Lakers employees including that he verbally abused his subordinates and wasn’t dedicated to his job. What is most perplexing is that Smith and Wilbon asked no probing questions and instead enabled Magic’s bizarre behavior. Will he ever get out of his own way?  


Fans are vocally upset about the ending to Game of Thrones. We discuss other disappointing finales to popular TV series. Have there been any that are collectively loved?

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