Donovan Mitchell had a bad shooting night and it was the difference in the game against James Harden and the Houston Rockets. The Utah Jazz had a great season and it’ll be interesting to see what they do this offseason to help Mitchell and Gobert

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  1. Mike Z-cz
    Mike Z-cz says:

    I am proud to be a Jazz fan since 96..proud not only for a team but because of people and Jazz fans like you James Hansen. You hive credit where credit is due and you not afraid to praise other teams even when they kicking jazz butts and its not fun at all to wittness it.. Respect man.. Hopefuly one day i can afford for a flight to slc and we will go to the game togheter and get some beer after.. Keep doing what u doing good job my man.

  2. Phrates
    Phrates says:

    It's great watching your recaps, you stay humble and you appreciate the game of basketball. Good to see Jazz fans, who have a bad reputation show the world that that's not how they should be represented. It's very respectable to see you doing what you do and it's unfortunate the Jazz didn't put up the fight that they could've. Joe Ingles completely disappeared this series and Donovan had about 2 bad games. Needless to say that the Rockets could also be the Champions so it is what it is.
    People say that they enjoy watching you and stuff and it's genuine. It enlightens me that you will be doing recaps of future playoff games still even though you'll lack the passion of "I want my team to win".
    Jazz's future looks bright with DMitch and Gobert, but sorry Giannis always dunks on Gobert Everytime they play 🙂

  3. V1NL0
    V1NL0 says:

    You’ve format is entertaining, in that it’s respectful, and informative. I saw your videos posted on and have subscribed to your channel since.

    I will say you do a heck of a lot better job than the National sports media. Good luck and i look forward to seeing future videos.

  4. Xuul
    Xuul says:

    Big Rockets fan here and I really appreciate your objectiveness. Being a fan and being objective is a fine line, and you do it well. Man, I'm glad to be done with the Jazz, their defense is great, and your team is just one solid scorer away from moving up. Best of luck classy Jazz fan!

  5. La Vida Virtual
    La Vida Virtual says:

    We really missed Ingles in this series. Good for Royce, and good luck Rockets. Looks like they have a bit more rest after Lou ballin out this series. Thanks for another year Mr. Hansen

  6. José Ortiz
    José Ortiz says:

    Huge rockets fan but I always watch your page when rockets play jazz! Hey jazz played some damn good d, and Rudy g is a damn monster in the paint ! Rubio played hard on defense, and Mitchell needs to work on his j and Utah should explore a Conley trade.

  7. Steven Jackson
    Steven Jackson says:

    Rocket fan here….Rudy is a problem. If you watch Rocket games, Harden can score in every way imaginable. Rudy took the floater away and that changed this series along with how Utah defended him overall. Rudy is the best defender in the league and if he doesn't win DPOY, then it's stealing. I don't want to see another Utah uniform for a while and it's mainly because of him. This is the 2nd best defensive team in the league….they are so good once they figure you out. So much respect for Quinn and his staff. Rubio balled out …impressed with his heart and game this series. Making Harden find another ways to win was huge….good thing is Rox won't see another Rudy going forward lolol. Utah is 50+ win in the west and the last 3 games were slug fests. Thanks for the body shots….we needed this.

  8. Wuzi Mu
    Wuzi Mu says:

    the jazz look like they will have a bright future, they may have gotten a bad break matchup wise. but they have done great and gained a better sense of what they need to improve.

    i am anticipating continued playoff coverage, especially rockets and whoever they face next round

  9. Thomas Crammer
    Thomas Crammer says:

    Great season jazz showed they are worth cheering for after 14-17 when people were jumping ship all the ridiculous comments…if we played anyone but Houston they probably would have moved on. But then later would have been knocked out. Houston was the series the jazz could learn the most from. Very happy with the result even if there wasn't the best ending just yet. This team is always growing.

  10. Rob
    Rob says:

    Sorry to say that James Hansen, but your reviews have been mostly pathetic and predictable. Nearly every video you use the main talking point of Ricky Rubio being to blame for everything (perhaps for climate change and conflict in the middle east, too?). If you do reviews on basketball games, you have to be honest…otherwise you lose credibility!!! Understand that? The Jazz season, has been one of underperformig (they are clearly better than what we've seen) and it all comes down to two things: missing OPEN (and repeat that for you, pig-headed Mr Hansen) OPEN three-pointers, despite having some great shooters. That has nothing to do with 'spacing' and all that crap you've been mentioning in recent months. Ingles hasn't played to his potential, Korver (one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA) hasn't played to his potential…Ricky played worse than last season (I give you that), Donovan has been struggling… And the other big issue has been turnovers. Donovan is a super talented guy, and a really nice guy, the sky is the limit for him BUT…you have to tell the story as it is and not make up shit. He has to learn to take care of the ball, do you understand that? If your best shooters miss OPEN three-pointers, and you constantly turn the ball over, you cannot beat a team like the Rockets. You can repeat your cheap arguments about Ricky all day long, he has been one of the few consistent players in this series, END OF STORY. And, btw, Rudy is a great defender, but if you want to convince people that he deserves being an allstar ahead of Lamarcus Aldridge and others, you make yourself a laughing stock. He has great length, protects the rim like crazy BUT…he is stiff, has butterfingers, no post moves, no midrange jumper…etc etc etc. That's all.

  11. pkmondol
    pkmondol says:

    The difference was Clint Capela was much healthier than in Game 4. He was basically a zombie in Game 4.

    Just look at his and Gobert's plus-minus in all of their matchups. That usually tells the story.

  12. Alboravin
    Alboravin says:

    I’m with you on Harris. It’s either overpay for Walker or Harris. You honestly don’t give Rubio enough credit though, he was arguably the Jazz’s best player this series along with Favs, Royce and Rudy (on D), and the only one that really showed up in all 5 games, especially the first two in Houston. He was doing a lot of what CP3 does for the Rockets – direct the offense, generate easy/open looks for team mates and chip in with that mid-range J and buckets at the rim when the offense needs it. Rubio’s perceived lack of 3pt shooting or missing a 3pt shot here and there isn’t specifically what sunk the Jazz. It was our wing shooters suddenly turning into bricklayers almost the entire series and the lack of a second scorer and true, starting calibre stretch 4.

    Whether it was Mitchell doing too much and trying too hard playing heroball a la Westbrook, Jingles completely disappearing and having 4 terrible games and 1 ok game when it was too late, Crowder having a terrible start to the series too until that game 4, and the likes of Thabo, Korver and Neto not making much of an impact…yeah, even MVP level Steph Curry is going to struggle to win with that on the wings and backcourt.

    I think the Jazz can move forward with Ricky as the PG, but they absolutely need to get a shooter AND secondary scorer at either the PF or SF spots. Tobias Harris would fix A LOT of the Jazz’s problems. A stretch 4 that can shoot lights out from 3, put the ball on the floor and create their own shot too? Yes please. Just what the doctor ordered.

    If the Jazz FO can re-sign Ricky on a team friendly contract (he likes it in Utah with this team so there’s no reason why that can’t happen other than a mega huge overpay from another franchise), then they need to do whatever possible to go after Harris. Like throw everything at him, blank cheques, Quin, Mitchell & Rudy flying out to meet him, etc. Do whatever it takes to get him in FA. If Harris doesn’t work out then plan B needs to be someone like Bogdanovic.

    If the Jazz don’t plan on moving forwards with Ricky then they absolutely need to go for Walker, Conley or Brogdon as plan B.

    Some genuinely nice guys, and some of the ones that showed the most fight this series, are going to be cap casualties either way this off-season. I’m hoping the Jazz can keep Ricky and Favs on the cheap, but I think Favs might have to go if Harris is the target. Trading Exum and letting go of the UFAs at the end of the bench is also a cap space necessity in such a scenario.

    It’s going to be an interesting summer.

  13. Ingo Hartmeyer
    Ingo Hartmeyer says:

    Great analysis and great sportsmanship, James. Congrats on this very nice channel. Imho, you guys should seriously consider trading Rubio. I know he's a great professional and a hell of a playmaker but his lack of a 3 point shot is terrible for your offense. Anyway, you guys have two really fantastic pieces in Gobert and Mitchell. Both also seem to be good dudes who have their head on straight.

  14. andy graham
    andy graham says:

    Enjoyed it once again! I had to go back and watch the game 4 Rockets loss video after you called us Rockets fans out! Losing sucks, but at least I respect quite a few Jazz fans out there. Good series and see you next vid.

  15. Jerome op
    Jerome op says:

    it's the jazz's limit we need a scorer 40 or 50 points often and not sometimes we can't wait everything from mitchell and gobert playoffs are not the regular season we know what we need it's time to change something come on jazz


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