On the third game in four nights, and finishing an 82-game season, the Utah Jazz ran out of gas against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Damian Lillard was fantastic for the Blazers scoring 36 points with 10 assists and never let the Jazz get close the entire game.

For the Jazz it was a lot of missed shots and turnovers. Donovan Mitchell shot 6/23 and 1/8 from three. Even though he looked a step slow at times, Rudy Gobert managed an impressive 13 points and 13 rebounds.

The Jazz now face the Oklahoma City Thunder as the five seed. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


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  1. Mark Lysgaard
    Mark Lysgaard says:

    I live in Portland and root for the Blazers, but the Jazz is my second favorite team since I’m also from Louisville and love DM’s game. I also loved Darrell Griffith’s game so I’ve been loving the Jazz for years! Really enjoy your channel! Great knowledge and passion!!

  2. Stacey E
    Stacey E says:

    Jae Crowder is a bitch for hip checking a defenseless Lillard in the air. Total Busch League. Butt checking a player running down court (Rubio to Nurkic) to get draw a foul should be an offensive foul. Manu did that a few games back to A. Davis. You can seriously hurt someone doing that. It's not a basketball play. Good luck in the playoff Jazz. Westbrook needs to be sent packing with his padded stats.

  3. urmanascrewed
    urmanascrewed says:

    I was at this game. My two fav teams. I just sit back and enjoy. I had to stop myself from celebrating on Jazz basket because the fans would give me strange looks. For real tho, Donovan didn't play very well, Rudy looked good.

  4. Alboravin
    Alboravin says:

    BtB game. Sluggish offense, no legs on shots. Portland played motivated and Lillard had a great game as usual. Not much more to be said about this one and like you said, no need to lose sleep over this game because we were going to face OKC regardless. Time to rest up and get ready to take down Russ and the Thunder! Got to play like there's nothing to lose on the road.

    Go Jazz! Vamos Ricky!

  5. SER3255
    SER3255 says:

    Portland fan here. Like your videos, I always watch after a Utah Portland game. Utah was the one team I didn't want Portland to see in the first round. Utah always plays great D and if they get even a little bit of offense they are a tough match up for any team.

    That said, now that Portland won't face Utah in the first round, I hope they do meet later in the playoffs, cause that wouldn't be until the WCF, which I'm sure both teams would be super happy if that played out.

    I do think Utah should take care of OKC. Depends on a bit on whether or not ya see "good Russ" or "bad Russ". Dude can straight shoot his team outta games. Did that in couple of the losses to Portland this year.

    One small complaint. You are using an old, outdated Portland logo. Anyway, good luck in the playoffs.


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