Georges Niang’s end of season interview, following the end of the second round of the Western Conference NBA Playoffs.


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  1. Shane Meyer
    Shane Meyer says:

    Kaden Jay- He is the funkiest scorer in perhaps the entire world who just. Gets. Buckets. He can also pass and is the consimate teammate. But at the end of the day if you arent confident he's going to score the ball no matter how it looks then you just need to see more of him because he's CONSISTENT with it. By the time he left ISU the end of his senior year you could pencil him in for 30 when 18 would get you All American. Always a high level passer too. He actually was an All American btw and 1st Team All G League this year. Please find this guy minutes next year he will compliment Mitchell's athletic style and their spacing perfectly!!

  2. k j
    k j says:

    Wow, this guy has some amazing character.. I have a feeling he has a lot of potential with the way the Jazz have already “groomed” him. Hope we get to see more of him on the team👀


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