The Utah Jazz were in control against the Golden State Warriors from start to finish in a decisive 40-point victory.

Donovan Mitchell scored 22 points on 8/12 shooting and 4/5 from three. And all of this in 26 minutes. His impact on the floor is incredible and opens things up for everyone else on the floor. For him to do this after the scrutiny of his pre-game attire is a confidence level mere mortals had difficulty attaining.

Oh and Donovan Mitchell now holds the record for most three pointers made by a rookie. It’s great.

One other exciting note for Jazz fans. Derrick Favors was 2⁄3 on his corner three. If Favors starts to hit that shot with regularity, it takes the Jazz offense to another level.


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  1. urmanascrewed
    urmanascrewed says:

    Donovan said he doesn't care about ROY and is more interested in bigger things. I will say that Ben Simmons has some more glaring limitations, like his jump shot, which is better than at the beginning of the season but still to all the people who say Simmons without a doubt there you have it.

  2. Jason Peay
    Jason Peay says:

    The best take on ROY this year was made in this video. Don't judge players based on the box score. You have to watch THE GAME. Even though it was an L for the Jazz, I can't help but remember the Spurs OT game. There are only a handful of players, rookies or not, that could do what Donovan did. Simmons would have been great at inbounding the ball during that final stretch, and probably already have earned a triple double, but no way he has the ball in his hands to try and WIN THE GAME. He can't shoot or make free throws, which by the way, are two very important skills to win games.

  3. Vehementtoast
    Vehementtoast says:

    Ok here is why Mitchell will win rookie of the year not hating on Simmons just facts
    1: Ben Simmons being a redshirt will lower his chances

    2: Donovan Mitchell is leading a team that lost their 2 top scorers 1 being an allstar and getting them a 48-33 and a better seeding than the all star could get them in a weaker version of the West

    3: Ben Simmons does not get the praise and support of nearly as many all stars and players as Mitchell

    4: the NBA would much rather have a humble nice face as a highlighted player for their league instead of a cocky shit talker

    5: Ben Simmons is having an amazing season but let’s not forget that Oscar Robertson averaged a triple double in his rookie season and wilt averaged 37 points and neither won rookie of the year

  4. Player Review
    Player Review says:

    Most 3's by a rookie, "most 20-point games (46) by a rookie since Blake Griffin in 2010-11 and most team victories with a rookie scoring leader since David Robinson in 1989-90".

  5. Scott Morris
    Scott Morris says:

    I’m sorry but there’s pros and cons for missing the season for both Rookies. Ben pros – everything you said, con – missing an entire season of actually playing basketball (and yes, you get sloppy when you don’t play/train properly), I don’t know if you’ve ever had a serious injury, I have, the amount of confidence you lose in the way you move and twist, you you distribute your weight is insane. The pros and cons for Mitchell are the same but visa versa. Secondly, nobody complained when Griffin got ROTY, only now? This coming from a Jazz fan.

  6. The Star Wars Generation
    The Star Wars Generation says:

    The Warriors don't want to face us in the first round of the playoffs, so they threw this game. If we had lost tonight we could have dropped to #7. That would mean we'd face #2 Golden State in the first round. Golden State knows they can't beat us without Curry, so they threw this game so they won't have to face us until round two. But they're only putting off the inevitable. The Warriors are going down in the second round, and then we're off to battle the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals!

  7. Pedicab Crypto
    Pedicab Crypto says:

    Donovan Mitchell is not only the Rookie of the year! He is also a rookie this year! And also will look back 10 years from now and think what a great draft class 2017 was. And people will be trying to include Ben Simmons in it, but nope! Sorry Ben you got drafted in 2016! Maybe some Mandela Effect will happen, and make everyone think he was drafted 2017, and people will just accept the fact that he was drafted 2017 I mean look Ben flipping Simmons won the ROY that year, and will all just be like oh well yeah I guess you are right. Just like in the Mr Rogers song. I swear it was "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Now it " It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood." Its like what the fuzz!?!? get out of here Ben Simmons. Donovan Mitchell is in my neighborhood. And It's Beautiful!!!

  8. Rockwell
    Rockwell says:

    I don't get why you focus on Ben Simmons being a second year rookie. You know that's irrelevant when it comes to how the NBA defines rookie. It truly doesn't matter, Mitchell stands on his own without using a technicality. Joint winners for 2017/18.


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