Check out Houston Rockets All Star James Harden put up 56 points, shooting 19-25, and 13 Assists against the Utah Jazz giving him the 2nd highest point total in Rockets franchise history, behind Calvin Murphy’s 57 points. This is his 3rd career game of 50+ pts and 10+ ast tying him with Russell Westbrook for the most in the last 30 seasons and this is the 38th time Harden has scored 40+ pts since joining the Rockets. No other player has more than 31 40-pt games

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  1. monta ellis
    monta ellis says:

    The bad news is , he became incredible again when CP3 got injured… i'm sure it would be the same for Russ, they have to stay incredible whit another star on the team
    But James Harden will be mvp this year, unless Lebron want's it

  2. J. Noyo
    J. Noyo says:

    Better put up numbers like that after being shut down by Ginobili talking about beard up..i could just see manu chuckling as he reads such a foolish comment about James Farden.He has a good night but let's see what he's really made of come play offs..pretty sure we will all see James B Chokin Harden against the spurs. And u know this foo


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