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Atlanta Hawks vs Utah Jazz – Full Game Highlights | March 21, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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37 replies
  1. Trevor Ensminger
    Trevor Ensminger says:

    Dude I know Donavan is the star player but my mans korver and ingles we’re almost wide open top of key for 3 after his missed free throw at the end. He shoulda thrown it up top after his rebound 🤦‍♂️

  2. Santiago Fuentes Quintero
    Santiago Fuentes Quintero says:

    Hi, sorry people, there is a long time that I dont see basketball, to busy, but now in bed for a while, can somebody tell me who is the N.20 player of the Hawks, for a while I was thinking seing Dennis Rodmann on the floor, but the way he moves, and them he got the ball and he changed to Mr. Pipen, I now Im taking medicines right now but I will follow this player, its another level

  3. ASURAN24
    ASURAN24 says:

    When you don't know how to score in the fourth quarter, on and on again (look at how many points you surrendered last game). You just tried to go to the hole. That's it. A playoff-caliber team should be able to draw fouls and make 80% of their foul shot. Rudy thinks he's an star!? Think thrice. Look at how poorly you shoot your FTs and D-Faves and Donovan Mitchell kept missing 2 consecutive FTs. Only amateurs consistently make that type of lowly mistakes. Can't make 3s when it's off the bounces or some dribbles. Your offense sucks. You don't have long 2s and players making shots in the paint. Good teams like Golden State or even the Kings have players who can knock down shots during clutch time on and on again, and anywhere outside of the 3 point line as well. Do you think you can win a game in this playoffs? Think again. Your poor shooting % and without variations. Relied so much on Dunks. It's okay if you do have James Harden and Capela. Capela can dunk from all sorts of lobs. Rudy, Favors, and Udoh, not so much. James Harden is unstoppable because of his efficiency and ability to draw fouls and, most importantly, FT making ability. Donovan, can you up your FT% to an all-star level, please? Look at Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, CP3, PG13 and James Harden. All of them can shoot FTs. Why can't you? Lebron and DWade all can make FTs. John Stockton and Gary Payton can make FTs. And you? If Quin Snyder plays for another team, this result of this game should a barometer for whether or not the coach can coach the very next game. Hawks have not beat a western conference playoff-bound team since Jan 28th.

  4. Thomas Crammer
    Thomas Crammer says:

    Yeah that looked like a tanking team…they are really good and have the potential to be scary in the playoffs next year. Been a great 2 months for the growth of the hawks. Every team always gives the jazz their best…some teams just can't keep up…the league going to do its thing it's up to the jazz to play clean hit tough shots and work to cut down mistakes. this was a big win for Atlanta but certainly not a bad loss for utah…they just won 5 straight and I mean won them…3rd game on road b2b ny to atlanta…early game…the schedule really gives the jazz a challenge but 42-30 is great considering many different things, including the rest of the schedule being less challenging than it was. Great game.

  5. jalheel jalhe
    jalheel jalhe says:

    Very impressed by the passion Vince has for the game, it is incredible to see him contested the last shot by Donovan and avoid an OT. Big up man, the youth should learn what you bring to the game night in night out.


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