A UFO crashes near an isolated military base in the far Arctic.Scientists recover the craft’s now-frozen alien pilot and take it back to their base. While debating whether to study the alien, try to communicate with it or kill it, the pilot awakens–and the scientists’ question of if it is friend or foe is quickly answered.Now, trapped in a frozen wasteland with an unstoppable, nonhuman creature that sees them as prey, the small band of scientists come face to face with The Thing.


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  1. pfl95
    pfl95 says:

    Man! I was searching for the classic stuff all over Hulu and Netflix but they don't have em! I thought public domain would have been the easiest things to add but i'm glad I can watch these here! Cinemassacre really inspired me to watch the older stuff. Important and historical movies for film buffs

  2. Mutlap
    Mutlap says:

    This movie was made 4 years before I was born in 1955. I didn't realize my favorite actor from Gunsmoke, James Arness, was the Thing. George Fenneman, (actor in the black sweater with stripes 15:00) said in an interview on the 'Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder' he would not ever be an actor ever again after making this movie.


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