The Utah Jazz couldn’t take advantage of an undermanned Miami Heat team. it’s even more disapointing when you consider how big a lead the Jazz had in the quarter.

The most disapointing thing is how bad things get when Rudy Gobert steps off the floor. Rudy was a +19 in a 2 point loss. If that doesn’t tell you how good he is I don’t know what will

Derrick Favors needs to figure it out for the second unit because it just wasn’t there tonight.


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  1. Eric Kotter
    Eric Kotter says:

    I have a hard time believing that Quin doesn't understand the importance of defense. He's always been the one who talks about the importance of defense. So why is the defense so bad this year? Is he experimenting with different lineups right now in order to figure thing out? I do agree that Quin needs to let Dante play more. We really need the kind of defense that Dante is capable of providing for the Jazz.

  2. shotoko1206
    shotoko1206 says:

    the 2nd unit was lead by DM himself as far as i remembered. There are straight possessions that he got the ball and they can't convert… That 19 point lead they blew is not on the 2nd units but on DM and Crowder who are playing with the 2nd unit that time.

  3. David Macer
    David Macer says:

    I agree about Neto. I think he is not a solid NBA player. A lot of issues with him. Also, not a woed about Donovan failing so much? not a word about Rubio? not a word about "+/-" on clutch players like Rubio (+14), Donovan (-5), Gobert (+19), Favors (-19)…?
    C'mon, Mr. Hansen! You are better than this!

  4. Oscr’s Take
    Oscr’s Take says:

    As a heat fan I agree it could of won either way I though Donovan got a good look at the end but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing these 2 teams play in Salt Lake City I’ll be there for sure 🔥

  5. William Bailey
    William Bailey says:

    Quinn needs to stop with lineup craziness it seems as though every single game we have a different line up if it's not with the starting lineup it's with the bench so he starts the right lineup and then the bench comes out and it's playing well with netto and then the others and then he stops that puts Donovan Mitchell is the point guard brings out one shooter and then the lineup is getting killed he continues with it then next the third quarter he puts out the same line up and then the bench he comes out with a different line up again and that'll doesn't touch the floor it just doesn't make sense you see a line up it's kicking people's butts in the first quarter then you come out with a totally separate lineup that's on the bench for the third quarter and the second quarter that gets you killed and I just don't understand it's like he doesn't does he not see the good lineup is he incapable of seeing a line up work well together and then not using that line up because it seems like he doesn't know what lineup he wants or needs honestly death might be bad for this team the fact that we have too many players too much depth is almost bad because it seems as though quin Snyder doesn't know what he's doing when it comes to the lineup

  6. The idk
    The idk says:

    Biggest issues tonight that I’ve seen is they are not using Kyle Krover at all especially of the screens and it’s so annoying. Mitchell tonight was very inefficient he should of took a two instead a three towards the end, you can’t blame Kyle for this L when they couldn’t even pass him the ball at times even when he was open.

  7. CARRSSS Enterprise
    CARRSSS Enterprise says:

    This loss is what I get for needing my Miami Dolphins to win today.. Both Miami teams barely win on their home courts.. Quin Snyder needs to let Exum off the leash for real, as well as Niang & Allen.. Quin Snyder's faith is weak in players that are not in rotation!💯💯#Facts

  8. Caden Hancock
    Caden Hancock says:

    True, I feel for Dante. You can tell he wants to be great and succeed, he doesn't get enough minutes and almost looks like he's scared of Quin and making mistakes in general. Quin should let him make mistakes and grow!

  9. Jonathan Garduno
    Jonathan Garduno says:

    Jazz blew a 19 point lead. They’ve been blowing leads all year so far. 20-0 run by the heat and 8 mins without a single point by utah.

    I also don’t know why Quin keeps playing Rubio, gobert and favors at the same time. Sure favors and Rubio will shoot when open but they aren’t shooters. What are mitchell and ingles supposed to do other than chuck up 3’s all game when the lane is clogged


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