Donovan Mitchell, Joe Ingles and Ricky Rubio all struggled from three and it led to a Utah Jazz loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

It was a difficult game to watch with the freedom of movement rules seemingly thrown out the window.


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  1. Jonathan Colton
    Jonathan Colton says:

    Grizz always play physical – the Jazz just needed to match it. The Grizz defense was pretty good, but like you said, the Jazz missed open shots, open 3 pointers, open layups, free throws. The only thing to be excited about was Grayson Allen looked good. The Jazz tried to beat them by skill instead of will – will wins most of those matchups. The Jazz are trying to shoot more 3s this season, but they need to NEVER FORGET that they are a DEFENSIVE monster first and fore most. That's how they won all those games last season – if they get back to shutting teams down with their D, like magic the shots just start falling some how.

  2. DatoneGuy
    DatoneGuy says:

    Grizz fan here.. i like the respect you gave the Grizz. and i think, unfamiliarity was a big key to UTA taking this loss..i didnt expect MEM to win..i was intimidated by the Jazz coming into this game, but our defense won it..and i dont think the Jazz had much film or knowledge of how the Grizz would play against them..cause you guys didnt play this version of our squad last year..Mitchell has zero experience with Mike Conley.

  3. Renee Baltimore
    Renee Baltimore says:

    If you remember, this time last year, we weren’t doing well in the beginning. There are new people on the team. Once we get into the rhythm, the Utah Jazz will be great again. This is the very beginning, not the end. Keep your heads up.

  4. bobdijjy420
    bobdijjy420 says:

    All signs so far show that Donovan Mitchell is having that sophomore slump. Hope he can play out of it and why not run Grayson Allen at the point some times cause Rubio has been hot garbage

  5. Thomas Crammer
    Thomas Crammer says:

    Oh boy. Like hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, don't panic :). 3rd game jazz need games like this. It takes a flow and a mindset to shoot accurately. They had a bad game. Look to the next one. And the next. We will be fine


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