Utah Jazz – Mesmerize
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  1. Joanne Campbell
    Joanne Campbell says:

    With this style of music, I find myself flow with great amor, Like a vintage place I deeply know, but don't recall being before.

    Deep within, there is no flying too high.
    When with our soul passion we naturally fly.
    When I'm in this vibe, I'm so far away.
    The kind of vibes, where old spirits play.
    A vibe that takes me far, far away.
    My heart is there, from where I stand today.
    I get lost in a stillness, as I lay.
    Looking out at deep blue skies, warmed by a golden ray.
    Feeling those timeless vibes, my heart like a child at play.
    I know this style of vibe, deep within my soul will stay. ❤️🎶🌟

    An absolute favourite tune of the amazing Utah Jazz!


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