Kings vs Jazz Full Game Highlights | 10.11.2018

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  1. Nba Fan 9160 99
    Nba Fan 9160 99 says:

    Aye. Coach ducked up after leaving Bagley in after he missed 3 shots. Its 3 and Done Coach!!
    Bagley end up going like 0 for 7 his first 7 shots thats how we got down 10 then 15 then 20. Joerger needs to be smarter if he wants to make it in this league. Give Rick Adelman a call though. Im sure he sees flaws

  2. Kingx408
    Kingx408 says:

    So…Gobert is super underrated and possibly a top 5 center rn, maybe even top 3. Rubio is also a bit underrated. The Jazz/Organization is also super underrated. If I were an nba I might even consider singing with them long termjust cause of their good front office. And lastly NBA please just re locate the Kings to Seattle. Even Sacramento doesn't watch their own team. Both sides win. Btw when was the last time the Kings made the playoffs. Also PS the Clippers would low-key be nice in Las Vegas. Lakers will always own LA sorry clippers y'all historically suck so move? What y'all think?

  3. Snowy City
    Snowy City says:

    Kings'll be No. 1… I see their lank 30. Maybe, under 25 wins. That's maximum. I expect Kings vs. Bobcats… anyway, cheers underdogs!!! Kings/Hawks/Hornets/Nets and etc.

  4. HalloFrame
    HalloFrame says:

    When I watch the Kings I see a group of low IQ players muscling their way to points. It's disgusting. No one plays for their teammates. It's just a bunch of players trying to get a spot over the other instead of just playing for the W. I only ever see 2 players making smart, unselfish plays. Bogdanavic and Jackson. Both players that would look like All-NBA talent on a Spurs team. Other than those 2, no one makes an extra pass – no one keeps their head up to see their teammates – no one does that off ball screen and cut to help out with the offense. It's just a cluster of disappointment. And while their battling for a spot, they're really just getting to play on a team with players that have the same simple mindset. It's the G-league all over again.

  5. Down Town
    Down Town says:

    Isn't this preseason? Remember our bench isn't gonna be in that much. Why do people like to pick on the Kings all the time? Every team was bad at some point, give us a break.


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