Joe Ingles Full Highlights 2018 WCR1 Game 3 Utah Jazz vs OKC Thunder – 21 Pts, 5 Threes! FreeDawkins- NBA Video’

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41 replies
  1. Dan Liu
    Dan Liu says:

    Dude just knows who to play basketball – pure and simple. Nice to see in this age of isolations and pounding the ball.

  2. cromulentparty
    cromulentparty says:

    dude looks just like a mormon too. knocks on your door with the word of god wednesday, bombs a three in your face and talks some trash on friday.

  3. Mikey Buckets
    Mikey Buckets says:

    I’m not kidding there’s maybe 5 black people in that crowd. Gotta love Joe though. Shows up when they need him

  4. nayrad m
    nayrad m says:

    Lmao a couple days ago Ingles and bogdonavic installed a new roof for me (did fantastic work btw) and now they're getting buckets and Ws against some of the best players in the world 🔥

  5. Brookes D
    Brookes D says:

    WHERES YOUR TRASH TALKING HYPE SELF “Playoff pee pee” 😂🤣 I knew you were gonna be made looking silly later In The series when you talkin shit in game 1. I mean a goddam plumber bruh!?

  6. Stephtastic!
    Stephtastic! says:

    it's must be hard watching players like Westbrick and liLLard. They have such hype fan bases but they always manage to let them down 😂😂😭😭😭😭



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