Utah Jazz Tickets

In an excerpt from Kobe Bryant’s “Detail,” the Lakers icon analyzes what LeBron James needs to do against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

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Utah Jazz Tickets
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34 replies
  1. Agent J
    Agent J says:

    Kobe: if im Lebron James, I’d copy all MJ’s moves and get Phil Jackson to coach me and move to the Lakers. 🤔 stole any new moves from MJ?

  2. Petar Švonja
    Petar Švonja says:

    Yeah, you could make living off mid range jump shot's. Nobody shoots them anymore, because according to stats it is not efficient… Bullshit. Practice the midrange off the dribble, and nobody can beat you on offense. That's what MJ did later in his career, that's what Kobe did. Today's game is either you go for 0-3 ft shoot or 3pt shot. But 3 is not reliable off the dribble unless your name is Steph Curry. Be great from 2 before thinking about 3. It is frustrating for a defender, if he doesn't contest, you bury it, if he goes at you , you can pass him. This is an advice for kids who want to play the game, from somebody who played. Have fun but always play to win 😉 If you need advice reply 🙂

  3. DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page says:

    Bouncing the ball 3-4-5 times is why Brandon Ingram plays his best when Lebron James is sitting on the bench. 😑😑😑
    That is not TEAM CHEMISTRY with Lebron James = you need an OFF-THE-BALL shooter for better TEAM CHEMISTRY with Lebron over Brandon Ingram.

  4. James Dawny
    James Dawny says:

    And he even shows u Durant doing it and it works ahahhahaha so how can u say lebrin can’t do it ? Maybe he just not the goat then. It’s not a contested pull up if your 6-7 6-11 and how ever tell lebron is retards. It’s easy money he just doesn’t have it in his bag so y’all have to make excuses call kobe a ball hog etc etc.

  5. M. C.
    M. C. says:

    Kobe is basically saying that KD and LeBron should use their midrange games more. Giannis is doing that, even though analytics says he shouldn't.

  6. SupaSports 22
    SupaSports 22 says:

    LeBron makes the right basketball play Kobe again only thinking about scoring LeBron knew he could pull up he wanted to make the defense commit so he can make that pass to help his teammate get going he knows he can get his whenever but he also knows he can't WIN by himself


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